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Artistic Style

Live painting is a new, unique experience combining performance and painting. 


My paintings are passionate and sensitive, perfect for creating work that celebrates love! Get a piece tailored to your vision: sleek and modern, rustic and warm, bright and airy, or classic and refined. Take home a timeless heirloom that captures all the emotions from your special night through a medium that words and pictures cannot express.


Hear what real people are saying!

Emily & Nico

Jordan recently did a live painting at my wedding. I had heard of these before and my DJ & coordinator highly recommended Jordan. I thought this would add a unique touch for our special day. All of our guests commented on how impressed they were with her work, it was something they had never seen done before. A couple of weeks later she sent me a picture of the final product before delivering it and it blew me away! The detail on the clothing is incredibly realistic and it looks just like us! The use of colour is really beautiful as well. I was over the moon when i saw that she was able to include our beloved cat into the picture. I really love her style of painting and would highly recommend her to anyone. I cant wait to hang this picture on our wall.


Over the span of 7 -10 hours, you and your guests will be dazzled as you see the painting develop. Watch as the work unfolds from a loose sketch to a fully-rendered masterpiece. The planning process is simple, keeping your day stress-free and easy. All my materials are set up and taken down on the same day.

Customize an experience unique to you! One of the benefits of painting is being able to create a moment that pictures cannot. I am happy to add pets or people not able to attend your day. Or allowing your guests to add their own marks to the canvas! Do not be afraid to ask me questions, I love hearing your ideas so reach out today!

Studio touch-ups and display-ready varnish are included in all options. Shipping or traveling costs may come at an additional price for travel outside of the GTA. If there are any special requests for the format I would be happy to consider them!

Celebrating your day from a photo

Has your wedding already passed? No worries! I take commissions based on photos as well! Just fill out the form below!


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